Our Team.

  • Syed Naseer Ahamed- Author of The Immortals
    Mr Naseer Ahmed has authored the book The Immortals .We have referred this book while collecting Muslim freedom fighters data. Mr Naseer made it a passion to make an extensive study of the socio-economical and political conditions of Indian Muslims. Other areas of his interest include History, Economics and Sociology. Please check this link to know more about him http:/indianmuslimfreedomfighters.in

  • Khalid Saifullah- Project Manager
    Mr Khalid is software developer, who has developed mobile apps like Muslim Freedom Figters. Check this link to know more about the app https://youtu.be/4Ffep4fK274. He also work for centre for Research and Debates in Development Policy, New Delhi. He has recently done analysis of electoral data of voter lists of Karnataka. Which had helped Karnataka to register lakhs of Muslim voters to voters list who were missing in 2018 elections.He can be contacted at khalidness@gmail.com

  • Mohd Hafeez- Project Lead
    You can reach Hafeez at hafeez.24@gmail.com

  • Mohd Shadab-Software Developer
    You can reach shadab at
  • Syed Javeed- Software Developer
  • Mirza Naseer- Software Developer
  • Shabana- Software Developer
    You can reach her at shabana1128@gmail.com